Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Temperature's Rising

The title of this post pertains not only to the weather here currently, but also to Benjamin and Jonathan. They both have the sickies. Benjamin ran a low-grade fever on and off for a good part of the week and by yesterday we thought he was pretty much on the mend. Until last night, when he lost his voice and wasn't exactly sure why this was happening to him. He was in whisper mode and it has come and gone through today as well.
Jonathan was fine until about two in the morning when I could hear how restless he was over the monitor. He was burning up when we went in to check on him. After a round of ibuprofin, he slept on and off the rest of the night. He has had fever on and off all morning.
I was hesitant to take B to the doctor for several reasons:
a) They usually tell me they can't see him unless his fever was at 102 for at least 24 hours. Which is a little confusing since they also recommend the whole ibuprofin/acetomenophin rotation when fever starts. Technically, his fever never has a chance to even get to 102, let alone remain there for 24 hours or more. Is this confusing to anyone else with kids, or is it just us?
b) For the most part, he acted fairly normal. He was a little lethargic, unless he was on an ibuprofin kick (that stuff does wonders for him, it is very deceiving when he is sick).
c) I figured it was probably viral since there were no major signs of anything else (until Friday night when the voice went and the doctor's office was closed). And well, I hate going to the doctor when it is just a virus, because they just give them a lollipop and send them home to let it "run its course." And as most of you know, I am a Type A personality that needs concrete answers ("in all facets of life," David just chimed in from across the room. So funny.).
So now, we have two sickies on our hands. This is a whole new thing to me. I can handle it better when only one is sick at a time. However, the boys' personalities are so opposite that it seems to be working out okay. Benjamin handles illness very quietly. He would rather curl up in bed and pretty much be left alone, providing his juice cup stays full, the DVD player keeps rolling and California Bear (yes, that is his legal name) stays within arm's reach.
Jonathan, and this is probably a lot to do with his age, cannot decide what he needs. He wants to be held. He wants to get down. He wants to eat. He wants to pretty much fuss the entire time.
We are very blessed with sweet people at our church who stepped in and took over some duties on what was supposed to have been a pretty busy weekend. We were both scheduled to teach different classes in the morning at church. A friend of mine kindly took that off my hands and that was a relief. We were also supposed to host the LIFEGroup over here tomorrow night. Our leaders that we are partnered with offered to have it at their house again-- even though I know they had an already full weekend of big homework projects with their girls! (Thanks Jeff & Therese and Jennifer! This is all really helping us out so much. We owe you.)
I am hoping that by Monday we can either get into the doctor's office quickly and without a big wait (I am dreaming, I know) or what would be even more fabulous is that this all "runs its course" between now and then and we are left with two healthy boys by the time the week begins.
Benjamin has completely kept his little sense of humor all week and that has been refreshing. He has stayed in our room a lot so he can watch the television and lay in bed. I've told him to "go lay on Daddy's side of the bed." His reply is always, "that's Benjamin's side of the bed."

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Lauren said...

I hope they feel better soon! It seems like everybody is coming down with the sickies! Take care!!