Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Thirty Day Obsession with CS3 is Officially Over...and I need your vote!

Well, it's all over but the crying. And wanting. And trying to rationalize spending a bunch of money on something that may or may not turn into much of a hobby...or side job?
My thirty day trial period with Photoshop CS3 has come to a close. But thanks to some handy advice from a friend I may be able to purchase the Elements version (a lot less expensive) and still have every tool I need right at my fingertips.
Although it may look as though I completely shirked all household and motherly duties and parked myself at the computer for the last four weeks..I truly didn't. However, I did spend a lot of late night hours and nap times chugging away at the fun.
I have posted a slide show of my projects here:
(you may need to refresh your page to see it...and if you move your mouse over an image, it should stop and display the title)
Several of you were even kind enough to let me invade your blogs. And for those of you who never heard back from me in regards to a banner...I wasn't ignoring you....I am still having outgoing email issues! When I purchase Elements, I promise to get you your banner ASAP.
I have several questions still lurking on my mind about this program...well at least my use of it. While the last thirty days of this have been so much fun (and a bit of a blast from my graphic design past), I have wondered if this should or could be more. It is one thing to throw something together for a friend's blog and hope they enjoy it. But, if people are actually paying me their money...that may be a different story. A little more pressure, etc. And the whole time commitment is another factor entirely. As I have mentioned before, I am starting a new part time job in the fall. But I am still a full-time mommy and I don't want anything to get in the way of that. I am a creature of always having "too many irons in the fire" but I have tried to be very careful of that since we moved and all. So, I still have no clue what I am going to do.
Also, I NEED YOUR VOTE!! I would like to enter a couple of these banners into a digital scrapbooking banner contest...which do you like best? They are all named, again just scroll your mouse over to see the name of the banner you like. But I would love some opinions. I know some of my readers are self-professed "lurkers" who have confided this in emails to me..but feel free to do it anonymously under the comments area.
Thanks for your help!
Just FYI...this trial wasn't completely frivolous...I plan to use the new banners all throughout the next year or so.


Shellie said...

My favorite is the "One with my favorite colors" probably because those are my favorite colors as well. My second favorite is the current Retro banner. You are very talented. They all look good.

Anonymous said...

Shellie has good taste. That's mom's favorite too. I like the black and white photos. I know you had fun the past 30 days.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said... about the circus one? And the halloween one too. Good stuff. You've still got it. I still have several "T's 2 Please" Kristi originals that you designed in the 90's that I still wear. Smiles.
You know who.

Jami said...

I like the banners with pictures of all four of you on them because then it shows who the three men and the lady are. My favorite is the one with the color scheme you're not too sure about, but I would probably change the photos to a halftone instead of the green. I know you probably weren't wanting advice when we voted, so sorry. :-)

I also like the circus one and the one with your favorite colors. Great job! I also vote you should buy CS3 and do some of this stuff for other people. Come on, join the stay-at-home mom, freelancer club with me!

Love ya!

David said...

I vote for the 4th of July!

Rebecca said...

They are all so cute! I really like the circus one and harvest spice one. I'm glad that you bhad so much fun.

Laney said...

I like "is the circus coming to town."
They're all so cute though!

MelissaT said...

They are all so good--you are really talented! I really like the Fancy Schmancy and Harvest Spice. Great job! I am so sorry about your loss...I'm sure you must be missin' your CS3!

Kristi said...

Thank you all so much for the votes, compliments and suggestions! I really appreciate them! After the dust settles around here, I plan to submit a couple of them to a digital scrapping site!