Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting better....slowly!

Well, okay, so several of you called and emailed last night and I probably sounded blissfully naive when I said..."they're doing soooo much better! Almost back to normal!" Whatever. I was completely unaware of the night I had ahead of me.
Jonathan had a very rough night. He was so upset and nothing made him happy. At one point, I took him into the living room and let him lay on me while I laid on the couch. I thought maybe we could both get a little sleep that way. Not so much.
I was happy to call the doctor first thing and they were able to get both boys back to back appointments (Benjamin truly is much better, but I thought since we were going I might as well get them both looked at). And yes, I got them each their own appointment (with their own co-pay each, eyeroll); I feel like there is a certain unwritten "doctor's office etiquette" that we all try to adhere to. I would have felt like a bit of a heel saying..."hey, while I've got you in here, would you mind having a looksie at the other one, too?"
We truly did get in and out within 45 minutes! That was a record. They both have upper-respiratory infections and poor Jonathan has his first little ear infection. He is learning to aquire a taste for refrigerated pink medicine. Yummy.
Benjamin was so good that the doctor gave him two lollipops. He was very conversational with her, too. She got a big kick out of him.
When she was done with us, she went over to the sink and washed her hands.
"Are you washing your hands?" he asked. She nodded and smiled.
"Gettin' all the germs off, huh?" She cracked a laugh.
"That's what we do in my Bible class, too." This one got an eye brow raise from everyone. I was glad to hear of the good hygiene skills he is picking up at church. Funny boy.


J Stolle said...

Nothin' wrong with that child, just way tooooo smart.
Love ya,

Amanda D. said...

Oh, that's hilarious! Benjamin cracks me up! I, too, and glad to know that they "get all the germs off" in Bible class!