Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Late Tag

Lauren tagged me last week and I feel bad that I am just now getting to it...but here goes.
I think I have done this one, but there are so many random things about me I could probably do it a hundred times!
Seven random things you probably didn't know about me:
1. In high school, I was the editor-in-chief of our newspaper: The Anderson Edition. The year I was editor, we were ranked #6 in the nation-- woohoo! This is when I first became interested in graphic design and such. That was such a fun "job", too, because I traveled to several big high school journalism conventions in cool places like New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.
2. My first job was sacking groceries at Simon David in Austin. Simon David was a very cool grocery store (it was two stories!) that has since closed.
3. I do not like Dunkin Donuts coffee. I tried very hard to make myself like it, but I couldn't. I am currently in love with Seattle's Best Cinnabon Flavor. So yummy.
4. I love to not only paint, but I love to cut in around the edges and ceiling. I know, it's weird. Whenever David and I paint a room, we have a very well-functioning "system" that we don't even mention anymore, we just get to it. He rolls, I cut.
5. David & I have never been on a plane together. Isn't that weird? We have both flown places since we got married, but never together or to the same place. We are big time road trippers, which accounts for a lot of that weirdness, I suppose. When we go somewhere, we usually hop in the car. But I have yet to meet "Airborne David". And he has yet to know the crazy effects that Dramamine has on me (I sleep like a crazy woman with that in my system). What is even funnier is that Benjamin and I have already flown together. Come to think of it, when I flew to Dallas two summers ago to see Lori, I was pregnant with Jonathan, so I guess I've flown with him, too!
6. I absolutley LOVE the beach. We vacationed at the beach a lot when I was growing up and I loved it. We are planning to take the boys sometime this summer. Benjamin had his first beach experience last summer here.
7. I am currently waiting with baited breath for tonight's grand finale of The Biggest Loser. Any other fans out there? Or am I the only one who voted the past week? I voted for Mark to make it onto the finale. This was pure strategy, folks. I want a girl to win for once. And since Mark had the least weight left to lose, I thought maybe one of the girls could beat him. Go Ali!
Well, that's about it.
I tag....Faith, Deborah, Kyra, Annie and Melanie (my Muleshoe peeps). Oh, and how about my sister-in-law Syndi, too (only because she is due a new post to her blog...wink, wink).


faithster said...

I love these things, they're fun to read but hard to do -- well, I guess not for you. You seem to have lots of interesting facts!

Thanks for the well-wishes, I appreciate it =)

Syndi said...

I thought I didn't make the list and then I read a little farther! I'm really not that interesting though! It may take me a couple of days to come up with some obscure facts! I know I need to write something though!

Melody said...

Hey there! Great to get back in touch with you - Sounds like you are doing great - your boys are too cute :)