Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Swim of the Season

The pools around here don't open until Memorial Day weekend, so we took matters into our own hands and bought our very own "Paradise Lagoon" about a month ago at Walmart. Benjamin has been asking about it practically every day since. I told him we would need to wait until it was closer to ninety degrees outside to use it. With the rain and the boys being sick, today was the absolute first chance to open it up, inflate it (half an hour), and fill it (another fifteen minutes)!
They both had a blast. At first, Jonathan wasn't too sure about actually touching the water, so I sat him on a chair in the pool, so he could at least "experience it."

After he finally did get into the water, I had a pretty tough time convincing him to come back out! He loved splashing:

Here are a few other pics from our fun little afternoon in our "Paradise Lagoon:"


Mom D. said...

Looks like fun! I love Jonathan's shark trunks or shorts. I couldn't tell what the print was on Benjamin's. I'm sure you'll be visiting the Lagoon often.

Kristi said...

Benjamin's trunks were covered in...Lightening McQueen! I know that's a big shocker, huh? I am not sure if he was more excited about swimming or wearing Cars swim trunks!

Happy Mama said...

Love the pool pics- especially the one with Benjamin and the towel on his head- that is TOO cute! Jonathon looks all laid back in his pool chair- he's pretty easy going huh? Also, I am LOVING your blog layout- so cute! I know you are having fun with that "free trial" still- too too cute!

Jennifer said...

how much fun! i can't wait to get abriella in the water this summer!

Shellie said...

I must have been reading your blog the same time you were reading mine! I was trying to find the recipe for the chicken/black bean/salsa thing, so I had to go back through some of the archives-fun though! I do like the new look and the boys look like they are having a blast

I did have fun with my pottery, though my perfectionist self had to spend a lot of time on it. If you are up in Abilene some time, I would love to go do some other projects, (especially since there are soon to be two little ones!) We didn't go through Muleshoe, we went through Childress, Hamlin and that area.