Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Christmas Card Photo, Pt. 1

I say part one because once you see these, you'll see the need for a part two. What are your thoughts? Will any of these work? Ha.

And my personal favorite...


Arly said...

Those are TOO funny. I do like the last one too.
I'm sorry the boy has a stomach bug. Poor guy.

Lauren Vaught said...

How cute are your sweet boys!!! I love their jammies!! Yikes I'm sorry to hear about his tummy bug...hope it goes away soon!!! Your Christmas tree looks great!

Jennifer said...

HAHA! Those are hilarious! We had a hard enough time with our little one. I can't imagine trying to get 2 to cooperate at the same time! Good luck!

Sorry about the tummy bug. Hope everyone is back to normal soon!

Alisha Stewart said...

That cracks me up!
We took 195 photos on our digital camera only to find one that kind of works for a Christmas card.
I considered trying it again, but after the craziness of the first photo shoot, decided that this one picture will have to do.