Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Lovin' from our Oven

Well, folks, I am officially done with the 2007 edition of Christmas cookies. It has been several days of non-stop oven-running, mixer-spinning, dough-nibbling, cookie-cutting, counter-cluttered maddness at the Dominguez household. But we are officially finished.
We even managed to throw in a clogged sink/disposal/dishwasher situtation on top of it all.
David and I wanted to put together some special goodies for the admin. team so I thought it would be fun to include it with our holiday baking. We fixed our favorites: Walnut-Frosties and Red & Green Pinwheels and even added a few new items that we'll have to repeat in years to come.
Benjamin also discovered the magic of the oven light. He was pretty vigilant over the batches as they baked up.
Although it was indeed quite a bit more baking than we usually do, we really had fun doing it!

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