Friday, December 21, 2007

Tag: Seven Random Things

This tag is circulating again! I tried to avoid it for fear that everyone would know what a loo-loo I can be, but it is time to face the facts.
Seven Random Things About Me:
1. I have many OCD tendencies (I take after my mother!). Most of these include compulsive list making, wiping down shopping carts with Clorox wipes that I carry with me in a baggie, and constantly using hand sanitizer (I am a little weird about my hand sanitizer too, I only buy a certain kind that has a super high alcohol percentage so I know it has to work!).
2. The silly uses of the letter K drive me crazy. This is my favorite letter after all! People constantly use it to misspell titles and what not (like, Kristin's Korner, Krazy Glue, Kozy Kafe-- umm hello, the alliteration would have still worked here with the correct letter, Cozy Cafe). I just feel like this is a little funny.
3. I am a huge Neil Diamond fan. Hands down, he was my favorite concert I ever attended. When I was young, I took dance lessons for years with a dance company that always used "America" as the open pageantry dance of their annual recital. I can still do this routine, and yes, I still own my baton. Did you all know that he once performed in concert at ACU? If only I had attended college in the seventies....or not!
4. I sport my very own natural hair color. I haven't colored my hair since 2003 and don't plan to until I start seeing the dreaded gray.
5. If you just recently met me (within the last five years), you'll find this hard to believe. But, one of my first cars was a Z28 Camaro that I still miss to this day. I even had a custom exhaust system installed in this car because I loved how it sounded. It also scored me a few speeding tickets. (What were my parents thinking?)
6. I go through at least four curling/flat irons a year. I am very hard on hair appliances.
7. After graduating ACU, I was offered a job in New York City with an event planning company that I thought pretty hard about taking. However, I was a nervous wreck about moving that far on my own so I took a job with the ACU Alumni Office. I remember the sense of relief that I felt actually saying out loud to my friends Amber and Betsey that I was staying in Abilene and working for them. They were pretty happy, too, and that made it even better. Wow, imagine how different my life would have been if I had taken that offer! There's a scary thought.

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