Monday, December 10, 2007

Me and Caillou's Mom Need to get it Together

All of a sudden I have realized that Christmas Eve is two weeks from today. Yikes. I feel like time has just escaped me and all that I need to get done! If you have not received a Christmas card, it is because I have not mailed them. Or even ordered them. I have never been this behind. I know Shutterfly is quick, but they better be waving some magic wands when they get our order.
I have yet to bake a single cookie.
I have yet to wrap a single present.
I have yet to make my ornaments for my exchange on Friday.
I have yet to simmer my "The Smell of Christmas" that truly marks the beginning of the season for me.
I have yet to apparently get a clue that Christmas will indeed come, whether or not I am ready.
Benjamin's favorite thing to watch is a little cartoon on PBS called Caillou. We try to limit his television intake, but I sort of like Caillou also, and it seems pretty wholesome all around with a lot of good lessons. We recently purchased "Caillou's Holiday Movie" (which I highly recommend if you have a three-year old). Anywho, in the movie, Caillou's mom points out that there are only twelve days until Christmas day and they still have to decorate, send out cards, bake and see the Santa parade.
Funny, the first thing I thought of was, man this mom does not have it together. They haven't done anything and it's only twelve days out for them. (Yes, I am well aware that I was indeed judging a cartoon family, which is more and more odd now that I am actually typing it out for all the world, a.k.a, all three of my blog readers, to see).
I have now realized, I am that mom. To my credit, we are fully decorated. Actually, that may be more to my parents' credit for lending some babysitting and Christmas light expertise to my sad little situation. But, fourteen days out is looking pretty good at this point.

If you end up with a Happy New Years card, please know it was with the best of intentions and a mom that just couldn't get it together!


tommie said...

I will have to DVR that cartoon. The kids like Caillou. I can't believe it is only two weeks!!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, we are in the same boat!!! I think I am planning on emailing our christmas cards because I surely dont see me getting them in the mail in the next month!!!! (we havent even taken our pictue yet!) something about getting 4 kids under our tree and smiling together dosent sound pleasent to me! I love reading your blogs...keep up the good work and God bless. Yall have a great Christmas!
Annie Young

Shellie said...

I just put up my tree yesterday and I'm not even finished decorating. Hopefully it will get done before next week, but there is not telling. You are WAY ahead of me!