Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Fish

Well, it is coming upon one year since Benjamin received one of his most favorite gifts ever-- his two goldfish from Hollye & Gary Hooten last year at Christmas. Benjamin's obsession had always been to go to the junior high in Muleshoe, not to see his Daddy, but rather to go see the big fish tank in Hollye's room! He just loves that he has his own two fish now and even helps care for them by feeding them their (handfuls of) fish food.
I am sort of making a big deal about this because these two little fish have really gone against their odds and survived when the rest of us thought they would not make it this far! Shortly after we brought our fish home, we left on Christmas break for well over a week. We had orignally thought about placing them in Hollye's classroom so she could feed them when she fed her own fish, but they waxed the floors at school and we couldn't get in! Imagine our amazement when we got home and our little friends were still thriving! David even went in ahead of us to make sure no one was floating! Hollye was even contemplating getting "back up fish" on their way home from their Christmas in Snyder!
These two fish (which we actually named Hollye & Gary after their givers, but somehow they always get lumped together as "the fish") have been through a lot, including a very sloshy move from Muleshoe to Marble Falls (where they lived with my parents for a month) and then to their new home in Killeen on Benjamin's dresser where they currently reside.
I just wanted to be the first to wish them a very happy first birthday. I also want to promise them a little more first rate care this year with no week long vacations and sloshy moves! We love you, "fish".


Heather said...

Happy birthday! I remember hearing all about the fish from Mom & glad you still have them!!

Hollye said...

I still cannot believe "the fish" are still with us! I will never forget that fun evening when Benjamin first saw them. It is a priceless memory for us. Those first few months I worried about them like I did my own kids. Until ya'll did FINALLY prove you were good fish parents.haha They really are the "hardy boys." I guess they are the same gender since there have been no little Gary and Hollyes--you would think after a year....