Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day in Abilene

This year we had "Dominguez Christmas" at Sam & Arly's in Abilene. We had a great time catching up with everyone, watching old Looney Toons, playing the Wii (apparently we are the last people in civilization without one of these game thingies), and having some great food.
Nyla and Arly fixed a Dominguez fave, "Ham & Potatoes in the CrockPot." We also had lots of dips and baked goodies and some to die for meatballs that Syndi brought! Yum.
The kiddos had a fun time with all of their presents. One of my favorite scenes was Ema, Eli and Benjamin "racing" the Dinoco Helicopter, Dinoco McQueen and Lightening McQueen across the kitchen floor with Elena's new "Little People" farm animals balanced very carefully on all of the vehicles. No one fell off!
The adults participated in what we have called "gift card palooza" where Nyla ended up with a Lowe's gift card and Fred scored the Bath & Body Works one. Too funny.
We met up for lunch on the 26th with everyone and then headed back to K-town where we promptly collapsed.


Arly said...

We had fun! I'm glad you guys were able to come up!! However, I am still super sleepy from all the happenin's. Glad tomorrow is Saturday!

Shellie said...

It was so good to see you guys on Wednesday. Love all the pictures.