Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Very Own Rudolph

Well, the good news is we have Christmas cards. The bad news is poor Jonathan now has a very red nose. I knew going in that these cards would be the end of me. I just couldn't leave well enough alone.
We staged a photo on our porch and got one pretty good shot. Then, Jonathan decided to do a flying leap onto the concrete. We felt just awful about the entire ordeal. It was one of those "hold the baby until we snap the pic and let go for just a second"... for fear of...the inevitable. He was not injured, just a little "road rash" on his sweet little nose. It looks awful in the pic, it tamed down after his bath. But, I thought I would share the aftermath.

And, of course, Benjamin was very concerned...


Arly said...

I have to say those are some pretty darn cute pictures.

I hope the nose is feeling better!! As much as it hurts, it sure is cute. :)

Brandon & Dee said...

Your kids are too cute... red nose and all! I am glad to know I am not alone in hanging on to the "Charlie Brown" tree. As for the lamp, the shade is a al Target, and the lamp itself is hubby's and he cannot remember where he got it! Thanks for the comments! Gotta love keeping current through blogs!

Jennifer said...

Great pics! Who says you need professional pics?! Those are so sweet. Sorry for the nose, but what boy would be a boy without a banged up something once in a while (even if it was an accident)? You can just tell others..."you should see the other guy!" haha!

Laney said...

Poor little nose!
Cute pics though :)